Scott Sigler’s “Galactic Football League Bundle”

Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League books have been around 2009. In that time, he’s released five full length novels in limited edition hardcover, paperback, audio, and ebook. To commemorate the upcoming release of book six in the series and to celebrate the previous series books, Sigler has released an ebook bundle containing the First Five in the series.

The legend of the Ionath Krakens was born on September 10, 2009, with the first printing of THE ROOKIE, Book I of the GFL series. Now with five novels, five novellas (and a sixth novel and novella due out at the end of 2020), the GLF series has entertained sports fans and scifi fans alike with action-packed audiobooks, eBooks, paperbacks and limited-edition hardcover books. The GFL is a “Space Opera” series of books described as STAR WARS meets THE BLINDSIDE meets THE GODFATHER. The story is a scifi/crime/sports mashup that follows a professional American football team across a far-future galaxy. Travel to new world, meet new races, and put their quarterback into the dirt.


Client: Scott Sigler and Empty Set Entertainment

Cover Art Creation?: Yes, photo manipulation of stock photography

Custom Cover Photography?: No, stock photography (with a bunch of photo manipulation)

Cover Illustrations Creation?: Yes, Touchback dome, coloration, and modifications

Cover Element Layout?: Yes

Custom Font Creation?: No, standard font with custom texturizing and colorization