Ideal Design Clients – Birds of a Feather

Originally published in LinkedIn by Scott E. Pond on January 10, 2015


As designers, one of our main goals-aside from creating the best designs we can-is to acquire clients worthy of our works and worthy of us both as designers and as individuals. Without clients and the perks they bring (money, fame, raving fans, all-access-pass to the Playbunny mansion, and additional exposure), we are just operating in a vacuum, creating projects for a fun hobby and remaining mostly unrecognized and under-appreciated.

Hitting the Creative Hurdle – Face the Fear, Move On

Imagine it.

You are starting a new project, one using skills you have never quite done before.

You’re excited. This is something new. It doesn’t seem so hard because it’s SIMILAR to stuff you’ve done before, but not exactly the same. You think that it is completely in your wheelhouse. It’s something you’ve wanted to do, wanted to try, for a while now, but just never found the time or opportunity to do so.

Creative Services – What’s it Worth to You?

Originally published on LinkedIn by Scott E. Pond on January, 8 2015

One of the most common client expectations is great design services for cheap. This is not entirely unreasonable… we all want value for minimal expenditure. For some reason though, many folks will equate your passion for your art and creativity to you being willing to create something for free. Friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers–everyone seems to think your art should be given for free or for what equates to pocket change. Or, even more interesting, they try to convince you that you should do their project for free “to improve your portfolio”.