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For those of you interested in getting a piece of my design works, you can check out my listings over at my Esty Store (ScottEPondDesigns; The Art of Realism). There's a little something there for everyone.

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Tee Shirts and Apparel

I love tee shirts, especially ones with creative designs or unique designs, both in normal mainstream genres, nerdome, and pop-culture.

Role Playing Game Resources

One of the biggest challanges I've had with table top role playing games (TTRPG) is the characters sheets created by the game company and others. There's always something missing or clunky about them. They almost never have the amount of detail in the right areas that I want and often over-focus in areas that I don't care about. As a designer, I've been making my own character sheets for about twenty years now and I've gotten them down to a science now, with what I consider to be the perfect balance of form, fit, and function. Currently we have some printable and form-fillable D&D 5e Character Sheets and adventure resources in stock as digital downloads.

Books and Literary Works

So far, the only book of mine that has been published is my Mental Graffiti table top coffee book. It is a collection of my humor collected over a 5+ year period.

Scott Sigler Designs (New York Times Best Selling Author)

WAAAAAY back in April of 2010, I entered a logo contest for one of my favorite indie podcasters and podiobook authors, Scott Sigler. Eleven years have passed. In that time, Scott became a New York Times Best Selling Author and I have literally crafted dozens, if not hundreds, of design projects for him and inspired by his works: tee shirts, logos, cover designs, illustrations, marketing collateral, posters, and so much more. While our current inventory is low (just one poster left), we're planning on adding some projects over the coming months.

Posters and More

I have a love of creating fun and interesting graphic design projects. Posters, post cards, and more.

Amazon Products

In addition to our Etsy store, we also have items available on Amazon, designed by Scott E. Pond Designs. Feel free to check out these offerings as well.

Role Playing Game Suppliments

Other Publications