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Tee Shirts. One of the easiest ways to show your allegiance, passions, hobbies, hatreds, causes, and loves.

I have had a love affair with designing tee shirts since I was a youngling. I remember back to when I was around 8 or nine years old... a virtual eternity ago by lifetime standards. At the time, we lived almost out in the country; it was a little stone's throw away. I had a small group of five or six friends, all of whom lived within a mile of me. We used to ride our bicycles all over the area, for miles around. That summer, we decided we were so bad ass that we were going to form a bike club. No, not motorcycles. Bicycles. BMX style (though one of my best friends, Eric, had THE COOLEST bike... he had a banana seat). We decided, as a bike gang does, that we needed to look alike. So we chose to use white tee shirts as our branded outfit. But not just any white tee shirt. We had do decorate them with magic markers. Ohhhh yeah, we were a bad-ass bike gang with hand-drawn white tee shirts. I think mine had a skull and crossbones on the back. Can't remember for the life of me what the name of our gang was... but I do remember that we were pretty bad-ass... for nine year olds.

Below are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

RUN D&D: This tee shirt was just a personal design exercise, melding my love of both old school music and role-playing games.

Drinara Games: A logo design I created for our good friend, Lisa, for her Twitch channel. If you are into gaming, be sure to check out her stream at https://www.twitch.tv/drinaragames.

MythScoToriWits: What do you get when you mix together two of the best podcasts out there and squish them into a live panel at Balticon? You get MythScoToriWits! Be sure to check out both ScoTori and Mythwits for more awesomeness.

Team Crossfade: A logo I created for one of my friend, Kelly, for his OverWatch team.

Got Sigler?: As the long-time in house designer for New York Times Best Selling Author Scott Sigler, I get to play in the sandbox of his imagination a lot. Sometimes, cool designs pop into my head, totally unrelated to his worlds, such as this one. A little fan tee worthy of the most dedicated Sigler Junkie.

WWGD? In the dark recesses of the Field Master, dark fantasy author Paul E. Cooley, dwells the loathsome demonic spawn of hell, Garaaga. This near-immortal dark godling has it's fingers into many of the immoral atrocities throughout history. When in doubt, ask yourself 'What Would Garaaga Do?".


KGainor Creations: A logo design I did for two of my friends, Ken and Kathy, for their new venture. Be sure to check them out at https://www.kgainorcreations.com/.

Strike-Four: A logo design I modified and streamlined for one of my long-time clients.

WTF: A tee design I created for John Mierau (last name pronounced like "hero") for his second book in his Walk the Fire (WTF) series of books. This is portraying one of the dimension-hopping fire walkers found in his books.

Dead Robot's Society: Back before he passed in early 2018, Dead Robots' Society founder, Justin Macumber, and I talked quite a bit on how to better promote the podcast (which has since been taken over by Paul E. Cooley and Terry Mixon). This tee shirt design was one of our several ideas, though it never made it into production. Rest in Peace brother. Your legacy lives on in many ways. Check out some of his written works at amazon.com and in the archives over at Dead Robots' Society.

I'm a fan of Paul E. Cooley: After our long-time friend, colleague, and client Paul E. Cooley finally won a long-awaited and much deserved Parsec Award, I decided to celebrate his accomplishment with a limited edition tee design. You can still find these for sale over at https://www.zazzle.com/store/scottponddesign/products

No! I am Paul E. Cooley: One of my favorite "just for the hell of it" designs. At one of the Balticon convention I went to, my buddy author Paul Cooley was in a panel and when asked to introduce himself, he said loudly "I... am Paul E. Cooley!" Someone either on the panel instantly shouted "No! I am Paul E. Cooley!" This was followed by over a dozen people repeating, "No! I am Paul E. Cooley!", à la Spartacus.

Editor: A fun design for those sadistic evil sum-a-beotches out there who take pleasure in tearing apart the hopes and dreams of aspiring writers everywhere. You can still find these for sale over at https://www.zazzle.com/store/scottponddesign/products

Writer: Are you seeking to become a word-slinging master of the literary world? Or do you just like opening your soul to the cold, heartless criticism of those who will never understand the deep meaning behind your alphabetical vomit on a blank page? You can still find these for sale over at https://www.zazzle.com/store/scottponddesign/products

Graphic Designer: Another fun design, celebrating the most perfect beings in the known universe. You can still find these for sale over at https://www.zazzle.com/store/scottponddesign/products


The greatest gathering of Sigler Junkies (aka Scott Sigler's rabid fans) anywhere! Prolific science fiction writer Scott Sigler has garnered such a following that for the last nine years he has put on an annual convention, bringing together over a hundred of his more ardent and hardcore fans in one place to celebrate the imagination of this Diminutive Dark Øverlord.

From the Scott Sigler website and wiki:

SiglerFest was originally floated as an idea during discussions on the forums of the Scott Sigler Forums of how Junkies could throw a party in appreciation for Scott Sigler. As well-intentioned as the idea was, it was no more than an un-executable pipe dream. It took A Kovacs’ re-imagination of a fan festival hosted by Scott for the junkies (in what ended up being a much better-executed reversal of the original idea) to actually make the idea a viable option. Because it was unknown how many attendees would actually be interested, the first SiglerFest piggybacked on the celebrations of Balticon 45, a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention to which Scott had already committed. The turnout was better than anticipated, ensuring the continuation of SiglerFest the following year. In order to make it easier for Junkies to travel to the event, the decision was made to host subsequent SiglerFests in Las Vegas, in order to leverage tourism-driven airline and resort casino deals. The Orleans Hotel and Casino was the site of SiglerFests 2012 through 2017. In 2018, the venue was changed to South Point Hotel Casino.

For more information on Scott Sigler, his works, and SiglerFest, please visit ScottSigler.com.

SiglerFest2K19 - Front

SilgerFest 2K19 - Back

SiglerFest 2K18 - Front

SiglerFest 2k18 - Back

SiglerFest 2k17 - Front

SiglerFest 2k17 - Back

SiglerFest 2k16 - Front

SiglerFest 2k16 - Front

SiglerFest 2k15 - Front

SiglerFest 2k15 - Back

SiglerFest 2k14 - Front

SiglerFest 2k14 - Back

SiglerFest 2k13 - Front

SiglerFest 2k13 - Back

SiglerFest 2k12 - Front

SiglerFest 2k12 - Back

SiglerFest 2k11 - Front

SiglerFest 2k11 - Back

I Almost Survived the Zombie Apocalypse
I Almost Survived the Zombie Apocalypse