Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid or teenager and you got a new poster to hang on your wall?

Teen hearththrobs. Hair bands. Famous actors and actresses (can you say Bo Derrick or Heather Locklear?). Cars. Anime. Movies.

These were the iconography of our youth, putting a sparkle in our collective eye. My goal with posters is to capture a portion of that wonder and to make you think. I hope these do that for you.

Signs of the Apocalypse

My Signs of the Apocalypse series of posters explores the What If? scenario of "What would happen if different apocalypse happened and what would the remaining archeological indicators of it be? Zombies. Aliens. Robot Uprising. Plague. Atomic War. Each presents different dangers to the remaining humans. As the dark ages of post-crisis societies, what tales and legends would they create? It boggles the imagination.

Dead at Play
Final Rest (Room)
Loss of Humanity
Nuclear Winter
Sorry We're Dead
Stop, Go No Further

Sigler Book and Team Posters

Galactic Football League
Ionath Krakens
Wabash Wolfpack
GFL Champs - Ring
GFL - Helmets
GFL Champs - Fist

Galactic Fookball League Book Posters

I love being able to do collaborative art. For the GFL posters below (and their corresponding paperback covers), I got a chance to collaborate with a couple artists to create a composite image. For each, the figures in the foreground are the work of Ray Dillon (for The Champion) and Adrian Bogart, another artist that Scott Sigler has used for the previous books. The background, playing field under, behind, and around the figures, and special effects of the logos are my artistic work. And of course, the quote if from Sigler from one of his GFL books. The result is a homogeneous image that is both striking and exciting. I hope you enjoy our joint work.

The Rookie
The Starter
The All-Pro
The Champion

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