Scott Sigler’s “Kissyman and the Gentleman”


New York City, 1946. No one knows his real name, but when the job is too dirty, too dangerous, you call Kissyman. Once he was an elite Nazi SS commando, an honorable soldier, a taker of lives. When he was assigned to Dachau and saw what he was actual fighting for, he went AWOL and ran as far away as he could — to America.

He still makes his living with a gun, but he no longer kills for his country. Now, he kills for cash.

A high-profile bodyguard known as “the Gentleman” is the protector of up-and-coming Hollywood starlet Beth Copenhaver. When a sadistic stalker torments Beth, the Gentleman brings in Kissyman to show the stalker the error of his ways.

KISSYMAN & THE GENTLEMAN is two-fisted, nonstop noir action that draws you deep into the murderous world of this most unlikely anti-hero."


This cover was a challenge on several fronts. First, we started not not really knowing exactly what imagery we wanted. Eventually, we decided on a gunman holding a gun (which allowed us to do a deep-dive stock photo search. Secondly, while we were trying to create a good cover, we were also trying to dial-in standardizing the cover layout, branding, and compositional elements. because of these factors, we went through multiple iterations before we finally settled on this design, artwork, and layout.

Final Design

Original Stock Photography

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