General Graphic Design Services

NOTE: every graphic design project is different, requiring variable levels of effort in different design focuses. Below are some of the common areas of effort and the going rate for each. In order to determine a true cost estimate, contact me to set up a consultation for a quote for your unique design.


Basic Research for Cover Elements: $15 per hour

Note: this includes any research the client hasn’t done but needs to be done for visual)

Stock Photography Research: $15 per hour

Idea Sketching: $20 per hour

Photo Manipulation: $40 per hour

Photography: $60 per hour

Photo Setup: $20 per hour

Prop Creation: $30 per hour (plus raw materials cost x 1.1)

Standard Text/Font Selection: $15 per hour

Custom Font Design: $40 per hour

Vector Graphic Design/Conversion: $15 per hour

Basic Layout: $15 per hour

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