Book Design Services


eBook Only Layout: Number of words X $0.0025

Print Only Layout: Number of words x $0.004

Combined eBook and Print Layout: Number of words x $0.005

Specialty Formatting: $15/hour (custom fonts; extraneous uses of special character formatting, such as bold, italic; alternate font selections for special characters; adding in existing illustrations, etc.)

Note: number of words equals the number of words in the delivered manuscript (including chapter titles, chapter numbers, footnotes, etc.), plus the words in the front matter (dedications, author notes, tables of contents, etc.), and any back matter (biography, preview of next book, etc.).

Example: a 70,000 word manuscript, with 480 words in the front matter and 320 words in the back matter, would have a total word count of 70,800 words. If the customer is looking to have an eBook created, the standard format design and layout would cost 70,800 x $0.0025 = $177. The same content would cost $283.20 for the print only layout (70,800 x $0.004). If the customer wanted both the eBook and Print layout combined, it would cost $354 (70,800 x $0.005).

Note: Files for eBook are delivered to the client as *.mobi format and *.epub format. Files for print are delivered to the client as high resolution *.pdf files.



NOTE: every book design is different, requiring variable levels of effort in different design focuses. Because of this, cover layout and cover art creation can run anywhere between $80 and up to $200, $400, or more. Below are some of the common areas of effort and the going rate for each. In order to determine a true cost estimate, contact me to set up a consultation for a quote for your unique cover.

Basic Research for Cover Elements: $15 per hour

Note: this includes any research the client hasn’t done but needs to be done for visual accuracy, such as locations, symbols, official gear for the featured characters, etc.)

Stock Photography Research: $15 per hour

Idea Sketching: $20 per hour

Photo Manipulation: $40 per hour

Photography: $60 per hour

Photo Setup: $20 per hour

Prop Creation: $30 per hour (plus raw materials cost x 1.1)

Standard Text/Font Selection: $15 per hour

Custom Font Design: $40 per hour

Vector Graphic Design/Conversion: $15 per hour

Basic Layout: $15 per hour

eBook Cover Conversion from Print Cover: $10 flat fee

NOTE: Files for covers are delivered in high resolution *.pdf format ready for print and in *.jpeg for ebook versions.