Pondy’s Street Samurai

Looking for a few good peeps - Pondy's Street Samurai

Promotion is always a challenging thing, both for myself and all of the fantastic clients I get to work with week-in and week-out. Seriously, it's almost a full-time job for most of us. It's worth it, but it does require an all-hands effort to keep it moving in the right direction

It's a give and take... we make the stuff and you consume our stuff and in turn promote it.

In the end, it really just comes down to this: if you didn't dig our stuff, we wouldn't have much of a reason to do it.

If we can in-turn build a larger fan-base for folks just like you, then even better, right? But how do we find new folks who appreciate what we do? Well, the most effective way is via word of mouth from folks just like you.

We love it when you dig our stuff and are champions of it... and we want to give something a little more back to some of our most ferocious fans.

One of the things we are looking to do here at Scott E. Pond Designs is to create a small group (i.e. a "street crew", my Street Samurai, so to speak) of dedicated folks who love the works of Scott E. Pond Designs, our clients, and who'd like to work with us to push and grow our collective audiences.

Here's what you would get as part of Pondy's Street Samurai:

Behind the scenes looks at various projects as we get commissioned and work through finalizing the process. This could be alternate preliminary versions of the project, stories of some of the humorous tete-a-tete that occurs, photos of the props, etc. ... it could be pretty much anything.

Pre-release ebook copies of books that I do the cover design/interior design on (pending agreement of the author), giving you the chance to see and read it before pretty much anyone else.

A coupon once a year to get any product over at my Scott E. Pond Designs Store at 1/2 the listed price.

Special access to one-of-a-kind artwork, such as desktop wallpapers and mobile-phone wallpapers.

Other special benefits depending on the project and clients I work with.

Here's what's expected of Pondy's Street Samurai:

Promote any announcement that comes from either scottpond.com as much as you can via the normal social media channels.

Read and leave honest reviews for any pre-release ebooks you receive as a Street Samurai in as many social outlets and author-centric sites (Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, etc.) as you can. Not looking for fake reviews here, strictly your honest review.

Participate in push promotions for special events/clients as requested.

Other possible client/project specific promotions/requests.

All of the above are to help promote and cross-promote myself and my client-peeps, with you reaping some rewards as well. For the glory of the Future Pondy Empire!!!

How do I become a Street Samurai?

We're looking to kick off again with around 10 Street Samurai. Who are we seeking? Only the most rabid of fans for my work and my typical clients you have seen. If this is you, fill out the form below and tell me why you want to help this most honorable of causes (or why you'd make the most awesome Street Samurai). We will be taking submissions and putting you on our waiting list for potential future expansions.

Do you have what it takes to be a Street Samurai? If yes, hit me up!