Awwwwww yeah!  Whose house?  

That’s right, it’s our muddah shucking house!

It’s official… Scott Sigler’s soon to be released novel, THE MVP, is off to the printing house.

It features a cover and 16 page color insert designed by yours truly (aka Scott “Big Fish” “Pondy” Pond), interior layout by Donna Mugavero, and contributing insert illustrations/designs by W. Seth Hanisek. You can see a glimpse of the cover (including the trophy, Ki hand, and Sklorno tentacle I designed and built exclusively for this project) over at today and below!



THE MVP is the fourth book in Sigler’s Galactic Football League (GFL) series. It is getting released this September as a limited edition and signed hardcover… get yours ordered now because once they are gone they are gone!

Design on the insert and dust jacket for this fantastic book began over 6 months ago. In that time, there were many ideas and concepts thrown back and forth until we settled on the initial flushed-out concept for the main cover: an MVP trophy being held up (and maybe even being fought over) by several GFL players. From there we continued to toss ideas back and forth as we decided on the final trophy design, settled on three players (a human, a KI, and a Sklorno), and the overal design and layout of all the elements.

That was the easy part.

Then came the actual design, creation (yes that trophy, Ki hand/arm, and Sklorno tentacles are real, physical things), photography, photo-manipulation, and layout of the cover.

It’s been a long road to get here, but oh baby… sooooo worth it.

You’ll see when you actually see this baby and hold it in your hands.

And that’s just the front cover.

Wait until you see the rest of the dust jacket AND the 16-page color insert (with some fantastic illustrations/designs by the groovy W. Seth Hanisek). But we don’t want to talk about THAT right now, do we? That would spoil the surprise… (EVIL LAUGHTER).

With Sigler’s fantastic story, Donna’s awesome and amazing interior treatment, and this cover and insert, this book is gonna be a work of art.


Apparently Scott Sigler and his wonderful cohort, A Kovacs, feel the same:

Check it out: the final whoop-ass cover for THE MVP, BOOK IV in the Galactic Football League series. The cover is the creation of Scott “Big Fish” Pond, who can apparently conjure a Ki lineman up from nothing (or maybe by sacrificing a few baby squirrels, we don’t know and we’re pretty sure we don’t want to know).”


Haven’t yet experienced the GFL series? Not a problem… pick up your copies in eBookhardcover (for THE STARTERTHE ALL-PRO, and THE MVP… unfortunately THE ROOKIE is sold out), or pick them up soon in paperback.

The entire GFL series will be coming to Barnes and Noble and via Amazon.ocm in paperback over the next 8 months, again with cover designss by yours truly.

Pick up your copy of THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER from B&N and Amazon in August (August 7th according to both sites).

My covers for THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER can be seen below, with fantastic character illustrations by Adrian Bogart. If you haven’t been over to Adrian’s site, man… you are missing out! He is bloody amazing. Check him out at





THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP will also be available in paperback around December at B&N (again with Adrian and I combining our efforts on more fantastic covers).

I cannot recommend this series enough. It is a pulse-pounding sci-fi story arc with the feel of THE BLINDSIDE, THE GODFATHER, and STAR WARS combined into one deliciously exciting and hard-hitting tale.

To be blunt… It effing rocks hard!

Head on over to Sigler’s site and pre-order your copy of this beauty.

According to his site, your time is running out on this masterpiece!

This is your last chance to order! final numbers are due on Monday and we’re considering only printing to order. If you want to be 100% sure you get your copy(s), now’s the time. We are not kidding. Don’t blame us if you get left out.”