Scott Sigler

Scott Sigler

New York Times best selling author
Co-founder of Dark Øverlord Media and Empty Set Entertainment

“If you need references for Scott’s book cover design work, I’m your guy. Scott’s easy to work with, incredibly creative, ingenious, dedicated, flexible … and somehow laid back and easy going during the process. His work is unmatched and exciting, and I look forward to each new project.”

- Scott Sigler


AB Kovacs

1000105_488949684516102_1325262134_nCo-founder of Dark Øverlord Media and Empty Set Entertainment

“As a publisher, working with Scott is unparalleled:  he works fluidly with my creative team, can expertly bring to life any ideas my authors come up (no matter how nebulous at first) and has the real world know-how to correctly deliver high quality work in multiple formats to a myriad of vendors on time and on budget.  He’s an indispensable part of my production team for novels, marketing collateral, PR materials, and much more. His graceful design enhances just about every part of the Dark Øverlord Media milieu, and we are better for it.”

- AB Kovacs


Matt Wallace

MattScreenwriter for film and television, novelist, and PARSEC Award-winning author

For The Failed Cities eBook cover:

“Scott is far and away the best graphic artist and designer I’ve had work on any book with which I’ve been associated. Every aspect of the cover, from the largest visual theme to the smallest font, was given equal time, attention, and detail. I was always presented with a lot of options, my notes were always readily heard and skillfully interpreted, and by the end of the process I had a cover that was both exactly what I had in my head when we began and better than I’d envisioned.”

- Matt Wallace

For The Failed Cities limited edition dust-jacket:

“This cover is mind-blowingly gorgeous and I find myself staring at it for minutes on end. I could not be happier with this. Bringing Scott on to do the cover was one of the best moves I’ve made with my fiction publishing.”

- Matt Wallace

For the eBook release of Blow Job Dummy: A Novel

“The only reason I encourage you to hire Scott Pond for your graphic design needs is I cannot afford to keep him on staff full-time. Otherwise, I would literally chop your f*cking hands off to keep his talents to myself. He’s that insane!”

- Matt Wallace


Paul E. Cooley

CooleyParsec-nominated author

“Putting together the right cover for a book can be daunting. When it has to represent a collection of linked stories, it becomes even more so. Scott created a cover for Garaaga’s Children: Ancients that presents a unique feel to the series. I can’t imagine another artist pulling together such a fantastic book design and I guarantee I’ll be using his services again.”

- Paul E. Cooley


Scott Roche

RochePodcaster and author
Contributing editor for Flying Island Press

“I’ve worked with Scott on a number of projects, from my novelette Two Steps From Hell to the anthology Dead Ends. Every time he exceeded my expectations. As an independent producer, it can be hard to find artists willing to spend time with you and to work within your budget constraints. I never felt that he cut any corners and he always treated me like I was priority one. As a result of his talent and dedication I feel that the works he contributed to sold better than they would have otherwise.”

“They say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but everyone does. If you want your cover to be judged ‘Awesome!’ you can’t go wrong by hiring Scott.”

- Scott Roche


Jake Bible


“Scott was amazing to work with. I gave him what I wanted, he responded, I tweaked, he responded, I tweaked again, he perfected. Sounds simple, which is exactly what the experience should be and rightly so. Great illustrator, great collaborator and I’d work with him again in a second.”

- Jake Bible


Sue Baiman

SueAuthor, editor, and poet

“I am an artist myself: a photographer, yarn dyer, and poet. My skills, though, do not include drawing or digital design. So I have an idea of what I want, but no idea how to execute it. I told Scott my basic idea. And I wasn’t entirely sure what it would look like myself at that point. Then I asked him to incorporate some of my own artwork in the form of a watercolor I’d painted. And when he showed me what he had turned that idea and that painting into, I was blown away. Working with Scott is like working with someone who doesn’t just read your mind, but rather that he knows what you want before you even know yourself.”

“The quality of his work is exceptional, his prices are reasonable, he delivers ahead of schedule, and is a fabulous person to work with. I would never consider hiring anyone else for my graphic art or design needs.”

- Sue Baiman


A.P. Stephens


“Scott Pond delivers top-notch work in a timely manner. His creativity and professionalism is unrivaled. He has an eye for detail, stays on schedule, and goes above and beyond your expectations. Highly recommended.”

- A. P. Stephens



Ken Gainor

KGainorAuthor and podcaster

“In April of 2011, I enlisted the aid of Scott Pond in creating a logo/cover image for my debut novel “Paladin Corps: Book 1.” My initial concept was sketchy at best, with only a rough idea, and a pair of vague reference pictures to go by. Mr. Pond took what little information I had for him, and quickly drafted an incredible looking mock-up for the project. I was blown away by the degree of detail already in the piece, even at this early stage.”

“What came next was nothing less than stellar, and proved that Scott Pond was the perfect choice for this project.”

“In short order, Mr. Pond had not only crafted a perfect image, but had also put together an entire portfolio of various versions of the project, ranging from a banner with author and title text included, to square formats perfectly suited for podcast album art, to a black and white silhouette version with limitless possibilities.”

“Reviewing the entire package, I saw that there was not a single area of usage I could imagine for which Mr. Pond had not already assembled a perfect format of the image. I was not only able to use the image for the purposes I had thought of; I had a version already created for every situation that came up.”

“Couple that with the very reasonable price Mr. Pond quoted (and subsequently finished below), as well as the speed and diligence with which Mr. Pond responded to all questions I had for him, and I can say without reservation that I am 100% satisfied with the work he has done for me. Based on this project, I have no qualms about enlisting Mr. Pond’s services again for every artistic need I will have in my future as a writer. Scott Pond is the perfect example of a talented, insightful, and reliable graphic design contractor, and I will recommend his services to any and every person I meet with design needs.”

- Ken Gainor


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